Floodlight APK with Mod + Data


Floodlight 1.0.2 APK with Mod + Data is just arrived on APKLynda and now you can download it. This awesome Action game is developed and published by DADIU. The current available version is 1.0.2 with a size of 89M only. We have updated this APK on March 27, 2018. Download it now and enjoy it on Android 4.1 and up devices.

March 27, 2018
4.1 and up
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The Norse Gods have cursed your village! It is up to you to save the souls of your brethrens before they are consumed by evil! Journey through the flooded norse village and uncover the darkness that has befallen it.

After a failed sacrifice, the gods have cursed an entire village. Only 2 children have managed to survive their wrath, and now they are the only ones able to rescue the souls of their lost friends and families from being enthralled by the gods. With the help of a magical lighthouse, the two rescues the souls drowning in the water, whilst destroying the demons the gods have send out. One controls the lighthouse’s beam, destroying both friend and foe. The other sails the boat, rescuing the souls and bringing them to the lighthouse.

2 players on each side of the device controls either the boat or the lighthouse by tapping and holding on either the left or right side of the screen. The lighthouse kills the demons that chase the two, and the boat rescues the souls that are required to progress. This level-based game varies with different enemy types and environment. As you progress more difficult demons attack and the world shifts from drowned forests to a flooded city. It is inspired by norse mythology and the Gods that ruled that time, and the curse that haunts the lands are caused by the very Gods.

Made by

Mathias Rodrigues Bjerre, Game director
Rasmus Bording, Business developer
Nicolai Brobak, Programmer
Kristoffer Wulff Christensen, Level Designer
Duy Tan Do, Art Director
Mads Peter Dyekjær, Business developer
Nanna Kurtzmann Eldrup, Game Designer
Simon Bendsen Engelund, Project Manager
Mads Bang Hoffensetz, Lead Programmer
Sune H., QA & UR manager
Esben Nyboe Jacobsen, Sound Designer
Mikkel Kusk Jørgensen, CG-artist
Dennis Hultberg Klyver, Programmer,
Anders Viborg Nielsen, Programmer
Nicklas Bo Nielsen, QA & UR manager
Rasmus Albin Rolfsen, Programmer


What's new

- Localization fix in tutorial level
- Changed Icon
- Fixed app name
- Fixes to story tapestry
- Optimization of light beam
- Update "Thanks to" in credits


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