The Scrungeon Depths Unlocked MOD APK Android


Looking for The Scrungeon Depths 2 Unlocked MOD APK Android for a long time? Download for free here. We are presenting you this superb Adventure based title which is developed well by Chase Holton. With a Size of 59MB and version of v2, this app has been updated recently on February 27, 2018. You can grab it right away if you have Android 5.0 and up devices. Download link is given here.

Chase Holton
February 27, 2018
5.0 and up
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Update for Android 8.0- We've seen some issues with Android 8.0 but there is a work around until an official patch is issued.

The issue involves prompting hardware permissions not automatically asking to toggle them on at launch. Scrungeon uses the camera and microphone access for filming and editing replays. Nothing more.

1. Go to The Scrungeon Depths app permissions in Settings.
2. Manually toggle on camera, phone and storage.

Thank you for your patience as we get this issue solved, otherwise… Enjoy the Scrungeon Depths!

The surface world has been rendered useless. As evil energy weighs heavy on the atmosphere, a chasm opens and births what can only be described as a malignant structure of pure hate. With no where to go but down, our fearless hero thrusts himself into a seemingly endless dungeon that knows nothing but pain and misery. Beings spoken about in whispers since the dawn of time known as the Hollow Ones dwell within, controlling the uncontrollable chaos. Welcome to… The Scrungeon Depths.

The Scrungeon Depths is an over the top, ludicrously randomly generated rogue like madhouse. Wade through the body parts of defeated foes to crawl ever deeper and seek answers to the mysteries held within. Only the strong (and slightly insane) will survive. 


What's new


- New relics and weapons!
- New enemies!
- Hard mode bosses beyond the endgame.
- New final boss fight!
- Various bug fixes.
- A new dungeon floor effect.
- A new trap.
- I love you.


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