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Tap Master – Mini Games Collection 2.13 Mod Android Updated which is a popular Arcade based app is now available to download. You can download it easily because the size is only 44M and version is 2.13. Developed by Enidea, this app has been last updated on February 29, 2020. Download the APK + Mod right away only on APKLynda website.

February 29, 2020
6.0 and up
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Tap Master is a collection of button smashing mini games that challenge you different kind of abilities such as memories, brain power, mental arithmetic, reflexes and so on. Those mini games including ‘Paper Scissors Rock (In a unique way), Catch the Donut (Action Game), Zero or One (Math Quiz), Ancient Ruins (Memories Game)’ and many more. Player plays mini games to gain resources and level up the arcade. Leveling up the arcade will unlock more mini games and special features such as upgrade system, achievement system, daily mission and tower mode.

Upgrade system which unlocked at arcade level 4 allows player to spend fragments, points or gold coins gained from mini games to boost specific game-play experience like more countdown timer, rewards multiplication, retry counts on tower mode and so on to let player have an new level of gaming experience.

Daily missions which unlocked at arcade level 8 are a great boost for player to gain extra rewards and unlock other mini games and features more easily. 3 mini games challenge will randomly chosen on each day, player gain extra points rewards if he/she beat the game with at least 800 score. Processive missions provide repeating tasks which allow players to keep earning more extra points rewards naturally during game-play. In additional, the special mission is the only pure luck goal where required player to score 777 in any games in order to claim that big rewards.

Achievement system which unlocked at arcade level 12 provide several milestones to let player reaching and get great extra rewards such as get certain amount of points, gold coins, fragments, buttons smashed, trophies gained and so on during game-play. A great boost for further arcade level up.

The finally unlockable tower mode allows player to play all mini games in a row for maximum challenges. The tower contains 50 floors, players are able to proceed to next floor if he/she score at least 700 during a mini games or losing one life. It’s game over and restart from ground floor when run out of life. Get to the top floors to get fantastic rewards.

Player needed to login in with Google account in order to participate Leaderboard.

Tap Master may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.

Tap Master is free to download and play. However, optional items are available via In-App Purchase within the game to expand upon your gameplay experience.

Tap Master gives you free arcade experiences, points, gold coins or fragments after watching video ads. On some devices, those ads need to be stored temporarily on the external memory card. In order to get that working, please allow Tap Master permission to 'access photos, media and files'.


What's new

- Bug fixed on forever loading

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