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Party dress 8.0.0 Download Mod Apk is now available to download on APK Lynda. This great Beauty based title has been updated with a version 8.0.0, which is latest. It has been updated on May 15, 2020. KEMBAR DEVELOPER has developed many great apps like this on Play store. The size is only 13MB. You can enjoy it on Android 4.0.3 and up devices.

May 15, 2020
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Sometimes, choosing a party dress that suits the theme or body shape is not as easy as imagined. Moreover, if you have to choose the composition and materials for the appropriate dress. Party dress modes are widely used today is adopted from European styles that seem glamorous and elegant. The current dress party model (especially in Indonesia), has experienced a very rapid development. Many designers who use and integrate imported materials with local materials into a unique dress, beautiful and riveting.

Batik is the national dress of Indonesia, its use is very wide, in various events and among the age. The development of batik fashion makes Indonesian designers competing in designing or designing party batik dress. Modern batik dress is one of the most popular designs. Model dress is in great demand by young women, because it is more stylish and modern. Currently modern batik dress is widely used to attend party events, sometimes batik cloth combined with other types of fabrics, such as brocade, tile, jaquard, and so forth.

Dress batik concept "mini dress" is currently a trend among young people. This long-knee-length dress can make anyone who wears it look sexy and graceful. By combining some batik motifs in this dress, make a mini dress batik party impressed elegant. Arrangement of batik cloth that stacked make you look more stylish, very suitable worn for your slim body. Long dress batik party also has a lot of devotees.

Party dress with long pieces suitable for you who want elegant and elegant fashion style. Usually a long dress model is worn to attend the wedding. Dress batik party themed dress is often used as a wedding dress. The uniqueness of batik motifs from the tradition of the ancestors, giving the impression of elegance. A combination of satin and brocade designed by combining two traditional and modern design concepts on this batik dress gives an exclusive look.

There are many choices of current brocade dress styles that you can choose, both for formal and casual events. This type of brocade is different from the material embroidery and lace material, because the brocade is a fabric material that is designed with a motif that is very diverse and beautiful, generally made of matching silk or gold or silver thread. Brocade clothing is dominated by floral and abstract motifs. The sweet style makes all women captivated. Dress brocade will look more beautiful when combined with satin fabric.

Dress brocade also looks charming when designed with the concept of mini dress. It will be more beautiful if designed with a combination of two different brocade motifs (between the top and bottom of the dress). Model mini-party brocade dress is suitable for use by teenagers, especially those who have a slim body or lean high. One of the concept of party dress that is hits is a combination of brocade and satin, generally designed with the concept of dress or ball gown, where the top is designed with a full brocade and the bottom using satin as a brocade base with contrasting colors. Brocade motif of the bottom that tend to be bigger than the upper brocade motif, giving the impression width at the bottom, so this party dress looks glamorous.

Long dress Muslim for weddings. Favorite dress model Muslim women, especially to attend the wedding, is a long dress and or kaftan model. The model seemed closed, but stylish and elegant. Long dress generally has a length up to the ankle even more (until dangling to the floor). The above party dress model is designed with a simple but elegant motif. The concept itself is a blend of kaftan and long dress models. A combination of navy color and silver white motif, making this Muslim party dress is very charming.


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