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Amul Farmers App 2.5.1 Mod APK (Unlock All) is an Amazing Business based app that is available on Google Play Store. It is Developed by Prompt Softech. The App Version is 2.5.1 right now. We have updated it on June 17, 2020, just a few days ago. The APK Size is 7.1MB, which is not much. You can run this App in 4.4W and up!

Prompt Softech
June 17, 2020
4.4W and up
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An initiative by Amul and Prompt, Milk Farmers can check their daily milk data on a click away. Farmers App is a FREE application for all Milk farmers available on Android.

With the Farmers app, you get a real-time visibility into your milk data. It works automatically without any manual entry. The application shows Daily/Monthly/Yearly status of the same to keep a close watch on your milk data.

1. Monitor milk quality & quantity
2. Improved transparency between farmers and VDCS.
3. Milk chart analysis
4. Farmers can predict the amount of payment in advance
5. Statistical comparison is available
6. Farmers can receive alert messages
7. Farmers can filter milk collection data on any particular date.
8. Farmers can view the transactions including amount credited & debited to the account, date period, and milk description along with total remuneration account balance.
9. Farmers can view overall data pertaining to total milk collection, remuneration of the collection, milk rate, and month of collection; allowing an analysis of overall milk collection and profit gained in the selected financial year.
10. Farmers can get slip contains information like Animal Code & type, shift time Milk quantity, Fat Content, date & time of milk collection, and the amount paid to the farmer

Visible Data:
1. Display last 4 shift data on a dashboard with quantity and amount
2. Farmer's complete profile.
3. Real-time notification of milk slips and edition in milk slips
4. Amount and quantity chart on daily and monthly wise
5. Manage multiple relatives farmer accounts
6. Slip of every milk pouring
7. Farmer Passbook Information

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at [email protected]


What's new

- Deduction Detail
- Month & Date wise PDF Report
- Milk Slip PDF Report
- Payment Slip & Deduction details PDF Report
- Stability Improvement to make sure our app runs smoothly


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