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Let There Be Life 1.1.4 Latest MOD Updated is an Amazing Casual based app that is available on Google Play Store. It is Developed by Backward pieS. The App Version is 1.1.4 right now. We have updated it on November 17, 2014, just a few days ago. The APK Size is 27MB, which is not much. You can run this App in 2.3 and up!

Backward pieS
November 17, 2014
2.3 and up
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Let There Be Life is an award-winning relaxing experience that allows you to build trees and play with wildlife…just don't put too much shadow on the plants below!

The strategy of Let There Be Life is to chill and relax.
The challenge is to build trees the way *you* want.

Let your creativity and inner-artist take over, designing trees and protecting plants in the game's 34 levels.

Featuring fun and interactive wildlife in a calm watercolor environment, Let There Be Life can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old!

*This game offers players the ability to post images of their finished trees to Facebook/Twitter. Note that to do so, the player must have these apps already installed.

**The wand shown in the video is only visible in the desktop version of the game (it is unnecessary for mobile).

Reviews –

"Let There Be Life is a carefully designed, beautiful game of shadows and light…" – AppsZoom.com

“…a very relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding for a few minutes to change gears or decompress after a hard day at work.” – Gamerwife.com

“The real challenge is in creating a tree you’d be willing to show off to someone without killing the flowers…a great game to play at the end of a long day (or a long two weeks, as was the case when I tried it), allowing for creativity within gentle restrictions and with lovely art and music.” – IndieGames.com

“Let There Be Life presents players with a stress-free atmosphere that can be appreciated by gamers of all skill levels.“ – GameZebo.com

“If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing then some of the violent orchestras coming out this month, make sure to try out Let There Be Life; let your mind take solace and be at ease.” – IndieGameMagazine (IGM)


What's new

- Added cascading glow when tree finished.
- Optimized textures to reduce app file size and increase compatibility.
- Minor bug fixes and UI tweaks.


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