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ANT+ Enabler 3.00 MOD + APK + DATA Download is an Amazing Health & Fitness based app that is available on Google Play Store. It is Developed by z2 Software. The App Version is 3.00 right now. We have updated it on February 18, 2017, just a few days ago. The APK Size is 434kB, which is not much. You can run this App in 4.2 and up!

z2 Software
February 18, 2017
4.2 and up
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The only ANT+ patch on the market worked on Nexus5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 10, HTC_One (M7), LG G2. Samsung S4/S5. Supports Android 4.2.2 ~ Android 7.1.2, Lineage OS 14.1 201708?? build for Android 7.1.2

Great news, please update to the latest Bluetooth+ app. It can stop BlueBorne attack!

Android 7.1.2 and LineageOS is supported now!
Try "True Mouse/KB"! Transform your phone/tablet into real Bluetooth mouse & keyboard combo.

You could install it with TWRP open recovery or adb root. 'fastboot' and 'adb' tools maybe required on your PC. WARNING, don't forget to backup! I won't take any responsibility if your device bricked or damaged! Here is the steps:

1) Install and run "Bluetooth+" app at least once on your phone/tablet to create install script: /sdcard/bt_patch_install

2) Enable Developer option from Settings, then enable USB debugging and make sure to enable "OEM Unlock" if any.

3) If TWRP open recovery already installed, skip to step 11)

4) Install adb & fastboot tool on PC if needed:

5) Go to and find twrp recovery by typing your device name such as "nexus 5"

6) Download the recovery image

7) Launch command/terminal window from PC

8) In command window on PC, run following commands:
adb reboot-bootloader

9) After phone reboot in fastboot mode, if you bootloader is locked, run following to unlock the bootloader:
fastboot oem unlock

10) Now flash twrp recovery image you just downloaded
fastboot flash recovery your_twrp_recover_img

11) Enter TWRP recovery mode from your phone or tablet

12) Mount 'system', 'vendor', 'data' (if any exists) as writable in TWRP Mount option

13) Run terminal from TWRP Advanced option

14) In terminal, type follow command and press enter
source /sdcard/bt_patch_install

15) Reboot system and run 'Bluetooth+' and press the "Enable" button for "ANT+ Enabler" app

– Bluetooth chip with ANT+ feature
– Bluetooth+ v2.0 or newer:
– Root & super user app or TWRP open recovery for installation
– Tested on Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus10, HTC One (M7), LG G2, Samsung S4/S5

– Bluetooth on
– Easy to uninstall
– 10-days no questions asked refund policy

Known issues: – Reported by users, it also worked on Samsung Galaxy_Note3, LG G3(model F400K only)

– ANT+ and LG G2 FM Radio cannot work at same time. ANT+ needs to be disabled before turning on FM Radio.

If you have any issues and need support or just want refund, please email me first. Writing a negative review won't help much.
Review feedback:
It seemed people complained about the price and some even go further to undercut my hard work. Please allow me to explain. This is no simple task. It's not a simple configuration tool that turns on couple of system switches and copy over some files from other phones as many tried and failed. No sir, if it were that easy, you'd find the solution all over the Internet long time ago. It's about 4 months hard work and many days until 2am in the morning. It's about 10000 lines of JAVA and C++ code to create the driver for ANT+ and patch for Bluetooth stack. As for the price, I'd say you saved money and hassle from buying ANT+ usb adapter. Just consider the guy worked hard and did fix a problem of your phone. In return, you treat him a decent lunch.


What's new

- Add support for Android 7.1.1 and Lineage OS 14.1
- New code based on official ANT+ virtual hardware framework

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