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SmartWOD Timer – WOD timer for Cross Training 1.20.1 Mod APK Download is now available to download on APK Lynda. This great Health & Fitness based title has been updated with a version 1.20.1, which is latest. It has been updated on May 15, 2020. SmartWOD fitness apps has developed many great apps like this on Play store. The size is only 7.3MB. You can enjoy it on Android 5.0 and up devices.

SmartWOD fitness apps
May 15, 2020
5.0 and up
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SmartWOD Timer is a simple and easy to use timer app for all common functional fitness and Cross Training workouts: AMRAP (As many rounds as possible), For Time, EMOM (Every minute on a minute) and Tabata HIIT interval training. Just choose the WOD type, set the duration and GO!

This is what you get:

• big and clear display
• simple navigation
• motivational sound support
• timer for AMRAP workouts
• timer for EMOM workouts
• timer for For Time workouts
• timer for Tabata workouts (HIIT)
• integrated round counter
• workout log
• runs in background
• ideal for Functional Fitness, Cross Training, Metcons, HIIT, Running, Interval Training, Weighlifting, Circuits, etc.

Timer types explained:

AMRAP Timer – WOD Timer for "As many rounds as possible" type of functional fitness and cross training workouts. In AMRAP timer you can set a time that will count down. Try to do as many reps or rounds in the set time as you can! AMRAP timer also runs in the background.

For Time Timer – WOD Timer for "For Time" type of functional fitness and cross training workouts. Just do your workout as fast as possible while the timer counts up. You can end your For Time WOD anytime by swiping the finish button.

EMOM Timer – WOD Timer for "every minute on a minute" type of functional fitness and cross training workouts. You can adjust your EMOM timer by setting the total time and the length of one interval. A beeping sound will let you know every time one interval is over and the next one begins. The EMOM timer can also be used as an interval training (HIIT) timer.

Tabata Timer – WOD Timer for "Tabata" style interval workouts (HIIT). Just set work and rest times, as well as total rounds and start your Tabata WOD.

Get fit with SmartWOD!


What's new

Hey athletes, this is new in the latest update:
- New app design with a sidebar
- Button instead of swipe as FOR TIME finish possible
- New settings for the EMOM timer
- 0 sec. rest between TABATA sets possible
- Small UX and performance improvements
As always, feel free to give us feedback. Happy training with SmartWOD!

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