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To draw a picture from graphite or charcoal pencil you must have information about different pencils and also the tools used to blend. To make a start: to make a start you must know what you are going to draw. Afterwards you need to focus on the techniques and the tolls you are going to use.

Things needed to be considered before you start your Pencil Drawing: as you are up to a pencil drawing you need to decide many of the factors which will help you in coming out with a wonderful work. Some of them being:
– Selection of background.
– Deciding between the roughness and smoothness.
– Decide between graphite and charcoal pencil.

Drawing pencils:
Here are the differences you need to know about the graphite pencil and charcoal pencils.
– Charcoal pencils: The granules of this type of pencil have asymmetrical shape. Therefore, they don't give a reflective look or more precisely they help you make up the absorbing portion of your drawing. You can use this pencil where you have to give an absorbing look like tree barks, fur, hair, lashes, nostril or where you need to caste shadows.

– Graphite pencil: graphite pencils should be used where you want to have a reflective look. Some of the areas to be mentioned for the use of this sort of pencil are: tone of skin, glass, shiny metals and other things where you want to give a shiny look.
– Carbon pencils: carbon pencils are also used for drawing purpose; you can also add them with your drawing.
The next step after and during your drawing is blending. It gives the perfect look to a picture, or else it would just be a work of outlines and sharp lines. If you are using right tools for blending, there is no way you get imperfect pictures.
For blending purposes many tools are used. They help maintain the textures of the pictures. The general tools used for a pencil drawing are:
– Facial tissues
– Paper
– Felt pad
– Stumps
– Chamois
Avoid using fingers as your blending tools. They are the main reason for transferring oil to your drawing paper.


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