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Super Hearing Aid Amplifier 12.2.3 Android Mod APK which is a popular Medical based app is now available to download. You can download it easily because the size is only 3.3M and version is 12.2.3. Developed by Audiosoft, this app has been last updated on June 17, 2020. Download the APK + Mod right away only on APKLynda website.

June 17, 2020
4.1 and up
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Super Hearing Aid Amplifier is the latest super hearing aid and hearing amplifier that amplifies microphone sound from your surroundings for super hearing with your ears. Connect headset, headphones, earbuds or earphones to get the best audio feedback and listen to amplified sound from a distance without having to carry your phone.

Super Hearing Aid Amplifier is the ultimate super hearing aid app and hearing amplifier that helps resolve hearing difficulty so you can hear better and communicate more effectively, know what's going on around you, and eliminate danger.

Super Hearing Aid Amplifier works as a hearing aid app to bring you super hearing based on the power of Android and your mobile phone's capabilities.

Super Hearing Aid Amplifier comes with several sound amplifier features to let you adjust and boost the sound feedback for the best experience. It's the latest super hearing aid app on android!

1. Hear better and communicate effectively during meetings and conversations.
2. Listen and hear amplified sound from afar.
3. Amplify sound during conferences, bootcamps, workshops, and business events.
4. Boost sound from your Television, Radio, Laptop, etc. while you relax, cook, work…
5. Super hearing aid + hearing amplifier to restore your hearing to normal levels.
6. Use as emergency hearing aid when you lose your medically prescribed hearing aid.
7. Experience super hearing via the power of Android.
8. Listen to high-quality audio from your environs coming into your ears.

NOTE: Sounds are what we hear when something causes air to vibrate. The human ear can hear air vibrations as sound if they vibrate at frequencies between 20 and 20,000 hertz. Eardroid Assist: Super Hearing Aid amplifies such sounds for better hearing.

1. High-Quality Sound Feedback
2. Sound Amplifier
3. Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
4. Bass Booster (BB)
5. Equalizer & Presets
6. Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
7. MP3 Sound Recorder
8. Volume Controller
9. Noise Suppression
10. Wave Visualizer
11. Save Your Configurations & Settings.
12. Regular Updates & Bug-fixes.

1. Plug-in and connect headset or earphones. If you're using a wireless headset, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and your hearing device is properly connected to your phone. You can play music to test functionality.

2. Launch Super Hearing Aid Amplifier and tap "Listen" for the hearing amplifier to capture & amplify sound!

3. Put your phone near any source of sound for the hearing amplifier to capture and amplify sound.

4. Listen to the amplified sound using the hearing device connected to your phone.

Disclaimer: Use Super Hearing Aid Amplifier for the sole purpose of amplified hearing. Do not use it to invade the privacy of others.


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