Photo Vault PRIVARY: Hide Photos, Videos & Files APK + MOD Download

2.6.26b (Lancelot) BUILD 1807

Photo Vault PRIVARY: Hide Photos, Videos & Files 2.6.26b (Lancelot) BUILD 1807 APK + MOD Download which is a popular Photography based app is now available to download. You can download it easily because the size is only 7.6M and version is 2.6.26b (Lancelot) BUILD 1807. Developed by fourchars, this app has been last updated on June 18, 2020. Download the APK + Mod right away only on APKLynda website.

2.6.26b (Lancelot) BUILD 1807
June 18, 2020
5.0 and up
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Welcome to Privary. Your private place for personal photos and files.

Protect your private photos, videos and files with just a few clicks. Privary is your secure photo vault that hides all personal files.

How does it work?
Files that you import into Privary will be hidden and encrypted with your private password, pin or fingerprint. Nobody except you can see your hidden files.

True protection!
Many apps can hide files but they are easy to hack. Privary uses true encryption (AES CTR) to ensure highest security.

📱 Hide and encrypt unlimited files, photos and videos
🔑 Open your vault with Password, pin or fingerprint
📁 Create unlimited folders and subfolders

Powerful protected gallery.
Privary does not only lock your files. It brings multiple options to organize your files like creating folders, sort options and even drag and drop. An encrypted gallery that protects you agains spying people and hackers.

• Full sd-card support²
• Detect intruders automatically²
• Not visible in the recently used apps

Privary can be completely disguised from the apps list. Or open a decoy Fake Vault² to be protected when someone forces you to open your private vault.
The Privary photo locker and file locker is your personal private vault.

Common questions
What's the difference to other apps?
Privary encrypts everything, not just your password! Every file that you store in Privary is truly encrypted to give you the best available protection.

Is this similar to a gallery lock?
No. Privary is a secret photo gallery & filemanager where you can place files, photos and videos to encrypt them for true security and privacy.

How many files, photos or videos can i hide?
UNLIMITED. You can hide millions of files, photos and videos.
Privary is also the best choice if you look for a locker app to keep your messenger photos private.

Can i take pictures or video out of my Privary private picture vault?
Yes, at any time.

Are there any leaks like many other apps have?
No. Privary is a highly secured AES CTR encrypted vault. There's no way to get around your private password.

Is video playback supported?
Yes. Privary can handle all videos! The file type doesn't matter. For example: mp4, wmv, mkv, avi, mov, 3gp, mpg, flv, h264, divx, ogv, f4v, m4v, dv etc.

Do Privary send my files to servers?
No. All files will stay on your device. Encrypted. And if you use the cloud, your files will be stored in your own Google Drive™. Encrypted. Not on unknown servers.

Why are there ads?
Privary Premium is ad-free and unlocks all professional features.

Any questions about the Privary file, photo and video vault?
Reach us at [email protected]

✓ About app permissions
Network: Licence check & cloud sync (if activated)
Contacts: Access your private Google Drive account (optional)
Camera: Take photos / videos (optional)

² Part of Privary Premium for complete protection


What's new

The new update contains various optimizations and you can now recover deleted files from the Trash.
👍 Reach out to us if you want to suggest a feature or need assistance 📧 [email protected]

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