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We are happy to give PeerSpot – Meeting Facilitation Platform Peer Spot 1.6.2 Mod APK Latest Version, a popular Productivity title developed by PeerSpot Technologies. You can download it easily because Its size is only 10M. We have updated it lately on June 5, 2020 with a version of 1.6.2. On APKLynda, You can get free download link of the app with direct links. Enjoy!

PeerSpot Technologies
June 5, 2020
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The most practical way to address the quest for knowledge and experience is by meeting a relevant person. A meeting can cut down the learning curve and identify focus areas, by which one can give due justice to their pursuit.

A Seeker, who seeks a meeting doesn’t know where to explore such people and whether they are willing to meet. And a Provider is sceptical of losing time and no value addition.

There are currently no means to establish the depth of interest & substance of purpose.

Hence, at PeerSpot, we are creating an ecosystem to make a meeting credible, authenticated and the time spent worthwhile. Key features of PeerSpot are:
– Access to member profiles – Expertise, Profession and Interests
– Define meeting charges (for the TIME offered)
– Meeting Tracker (Ability to Accept / Reject / Waive off fee / Schedule In-Person or Virtual Meetings)
– Keep a member in "Wishlist"
– Integrated Payment flow
– Sharing presence on multiple platforms at a single place, providing a holistic view of a peer

Why PeerSpot?

Peer Spot hosts enthusiastic professionals and experts over a large spectrum of domains. A direct plunge to learn or explore requires significant investment in self-learning and development. Given the distractions and variety of sources, one can quickly lose direction or focus of the intended pursuit. Discussing with the right person is the key to set this right.

But, how to ensure the fruitfulness of such an engagement – This is the crux! Though professional networking platforms give access to people, it's not easy to spot the right person, request for meeting and sail through the meeting smoothly; as being on a networking platform "DOES NOT MEAN WILLINGNESS FOR A MEETING". Here, PeerSpot aims to facilitate by giving access to the publicly available data of peers willing to meet and their charges.

The Seeker
– who seeks advice/guidance/expertise
– who requests for the meeting
– who is willing to pay for the Time, Expertise & Experiences of the Provider

The Provider
– who offers to offer her/his advice/guidance/expertise to the Seeker
– who expresses her/his willingness for the meeting
– who is committed to offering her/his Time for the meeting, against the charges being paid by the Seeker

A person may be a Seeker or Provider based on the context.

Potential Use cases:

– Meet interesting folks like experts on Philosophy, Psychology or meet an Army man!
– Engage in experiences like making chocolates, interpretation of art or classical music
– Meet people with mutual interests like Chess, Football, Economy of China, Stand-Up Comedy, School of Life
– Provide or Seek for Professional Consultations, Career Counselling or arrange Mock Interviews
– Effectively filter among numerous meeting requests and avoid meeting disinterested / inattentive people
– Spend a weekend with an interesting person rather than the usual Movies, food or Pub


PeerSpot hosts amazing people from diverse background & experiences; e.g. Armed Forces (Shaurya Chakra Awardee), Tea Blender, Wildlife Conservation, Visual Art, Sculpture, Executive Chef, Social Cause, Behavioural Psychology, Sound Engineering, Music Composer, Learning & Development, Space Exploration, Journalism, Sports Management, Startup Ecosystem, Literature, Business Mentoring, Renewable Energy, etc.

Many peers also have experience of working with iconic organizations like IKEA, SAP, RIL, Sun Pharma, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Oracle, etc.


What's new

PeerSpot is the de-facto choice for meeting amazing new people. Offer your time, knowledge & experience or avail it from others. Salient features:
a) Search by User Handler, Skill, Name, Organization
b) Send / Receive Meeting Requests
c) In-built Chat / Virtual Meeting
d) Secure Personal information & Payments
e) Receive OR Donate fee
Check out the idea at
New: major UI upgrades, better sharing, bug fixes & performance improvements

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