Final Contract: Legacy of War – SEA Unlocked MOD APK Android

4.1 and up

Do you want Final Contract: Legacy of War – SEA 4.1 and up Unlocked MOD APK Android? Get it on our website. Role Playing games are very popular and this fresh title is developed by UnlockGame. With a Size of just about 58M, You dont need to worry about your storage quota. The current version is v(version which is latest till now. Also, You need android devices of Android Everyone 10+Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild LanguageLearn More to run it. So, Enjoy!

4.1 and up
January 16, 2019
Everyone 10+Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild LanguageLearn More
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This is South East Asia version (Time zone GMT+8).
*Language available in game: English, Simplified Chinese, Thai.

*For USA and other global players, please download the global version [Fantasy Legend: War of Contract] to have better time zone ( UTC-4 ) and better network experience.

Featured by App Store China, the western fantasy 3D strategy turn-based RPG Final Contract: Legacy of War is coming!

[Game Intro]

Final Contract: Legacy of War is a western fantasy 3D turn-based strategy game with film-like CG and visuals. Packed with more than 200,000 words of original stories and historical settings, it can be called as ‘A playable and lively story book’.

Hundreds of spiritas to select, win battles with your strategy and wisdom!
Dazzling wings and exquisite costume, unique to none!
Innovative AR function, touch your fantasy spiritas in reality!
Real-time cross-sever PVP, fight anytime as you wish!

[Game Features]

1. Plenty of Collection & Cultivation
Over 100 spiritas with four elements attribute: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind.
17 types of career items for spiritas.
Plenty of wings and character costumes which may add to the stats of your spiritas.
All the things are to be collected by you!

2. Rich in Strategy, Unlimited Combination!
Spiritas are divided into 4 elements and different fighting roles. There are totally 17 types of career gears. The varity of combinations of spiritas and gears make the battle style to a maximum. Win with strategy!
Attack or Defence, maximum critical damage or full armor, all decided by you!
Refusal to level suppression.
Create different group combination to battle different enemies by strategy!

3. Abundant Gameplay. PVE/PVP/GUILD system
Enjoy real-time battle PVP with players all over the world!
Fight for your own guild’s honor in Guild Battle and enjoy the rewards.
Challenge varity of difficult dungeons and Bosses for rare items.
To save time, you can also use sweep coupon. Let’s explore the Alien Gate, Dungeon, Eternal land and other PVE play methods to gain endless resources and items!

4. Rich Resources and Welfare
Gain epic spirita in the 2nd day and legendary spirita in the 7th day For FREE.
Free VIP rewards available for all players.
No joystick! At least one epic spirita is guaranteed in every ten summon.
Multiple ways to collect legendary spirita just by daily Quest.

5. A Lively Story Book to be Opened
With film-like CG and visuals, the game features more than 200,000 words of original story. It’s based on a grand world view and hundreds of spititas’ stories from the very beginning of the creation of the world by two Gods, to the era when balance broke up by the immoderate exploitation of element power. Contract war is about to break up among the Human, the Elf and the Cyborg.
The fate of the Artys city is tightly held by the contracter. Secrets inside the open designed main city is to be discovered by you.

6. Innovative AR Function
With 360° panorama free view, you can summon your spiritas to the reality, crossing the boundary between fantasy and reality and take photos with them!

Come and complete your spiritas book!

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