Shadow President: The Political Texting Chat Game Download Mod Apk


Shadow President: The Political Texting Chat Game 0.9.1 Download Mod Apk is an Amazing Simulation based app that is available on Google Play Store. It is Developed by Hazenberg Games. The App Version is 0.9.1 right now. We have updated it on June 14, 2019, just a few days ago. The APK Size is 76MB, which is not much. You can run this App in 4.1 and up!

Hazenberg Games
June 14, 2019
4.1 and up
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You just found the phone of the most powerful person in the world!
Are you ready to rule the world?

How would it feel to be the man/woman behind the power of the presidency? The person pulling the string behind the scenes.

This is a texting story played from a fully working virtual smart-phone.

Just some of the awesome feature:
– Funny and suprising texting story with different endings
– Your actions infleunce the world and story
– All played from a virtual smart phone
– Apps: Chat, Contact, Wallpapers, News, Games (incl. Black Jack and slots)
– Secure blockchain technology with a crypto currency (bytecoins)
– Setup smart contracts with world leaders and earn big money

This is so much more than a text adventure, you can chat with world leaders, and influence the world around you through your every action. This political adventure takes a light hearted approach to politics with a twist of humor. Mr. President is under your control either by playing to his likes, or through ruthless bribery and other harsh methods of exerting your influence.

Who is the Illuminati?
We are the Illuminati? Wrong! There is just one power broker that influences and controls the world affairs and this person is becoming increasingly powerful. Now for the fun part. you just found his/her smart phone and it's all up to you to take the world into a brave new direction, or just ruthlessly cash in your position of power. Funny how such a person of great influence forgot to put a pincode or fingerprint security on their smart phone, so you can simply slide and unlock your way to the most powerful position in the world.

A new game genre is born – The Idle texting story
Play this unique game that goes beyond traditional idle clicker or text adventure game-play and brings a whole new genre to life. All played from within a virtual smartphone simulator this game allows you to connect and influence the game world around through chat and other awesome apps on your (virtual) smartphone.

Pocket your free download now and experience a political text adventure like never before.


What's new

- Refinements to the story
- Bytecoin mining (earn your bytecoins the easy way)
- New game added (Word Blocks)

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