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Questions. Conversation starters 1.3.7 APK + MOD Download which is a popular Social based app is now available to download. You can download it easily because the size is only 21M and version is 1.3.7. Developed by HWGames, this app has been last updated on June 25, 2020. Download the APK + Mod right away only on APKLynda website.

June 25, 2020
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"Questions. Сonversation starters"- the name speaks for itself. There are сonversation starters both for the company and for more personal meeting. If in the company of friends it becomes suddenly boring for you, you can always use our application, questions will help to recognize your friends and acquaintances from the new party. At present the following subjects are available:

– Dispute. A subject for thrill-seekers. If you are in a circle of many-sided persons, can quite rough conversation will turn out! Questions on which the opinion of the majority is shared 50/50, a subject for people who love hot discussions! The main thing – without hands, ladies and gentlemen!

– Embarrassing truth Questions to ask your friends. Truth or dare questions.

– Party. The subject contains fun questions, if at you on a party boringly and smells slightly of melancholy, these questions will dilute a situation, will lift to your friends and acquaintances mood, and you will take a place of honor of the cool ringleader!

– Travel. Questions from this subject will suit people who do not like to sit in place. Thanks to these questions you will be able to learn a lot of new, and also to share useful information with friends and acquaintances.

– Somewhat personal questions to get to know someone. In this subject questions of a wide range and different subjects are picked up. They are intended to know the interlocutor better. These questions will be relevant in any circle of contacts, as with friends whom you know since the childhood, and with new acquaintances.

– Would you rather. The format of the questions is “This or That”. You need to choose one of the answers and explain why you made this choice.

– Technology and Science. Our life is inextricably linked with technology and science, so maybe we should talk about it?

– Media. Questions about books, music, movies and so on.

– Goals. Becoming the best version of yourself begins with self-reflection and asking these powerful questions to get refocused on the path to personal growth.

– Date night. This list of 50 questions is guaranteed to keep the conversation flowing with your partner. So, if you ever feel that you've run out of things to say, these 50 questions to ask your partner on date night will surely get the conversation started again.

– Deep thoughts. Have you found a person you can talk about philosophy with? Then this topic is for you!

– Truth questions for girls.

– Truth questions for guys.

– Icebreaker questions.

– Questions that will test your friendship.

– Heart-centered questions for purposeful living.

You can add questions to your favorites, which will allow you to create unique list of the most interesting questions for you.

We will add more topics soon!
Have fun!


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