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Looking for Flashlight X 4.544 Mod APK Latest Version for a long time? Download for free here. We are presenting you this superb Tools based title which is developed well by Flashlight Care. With a Size of 6.2MB and version of v4.544, this app has been updated recently on June 5, 2020. You can grab it right away if you have Android 4.4 and up devices. Download link is given here.

Flashlight Care
June 5, 2020
4.4 and up
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­čĆůFlashlight Design. I trust in simplicity and cast doubt on complexity.
­čĆůFlashlight Compatibility. I carefully tune our design for most Android devices.
­čĆůFlashlight Integrity. I give you my word that your information will never be collected by this App.
­čĆůFlashlight Quality. It comes smaller App size and faster load time.

Flashlight apps are useful for many reasons, from finding your way around at night, to sending flashlight signals, to enjoying your favorite concert with flashlight. This is one of the best flashlight apps on android.

Flashlight is simple. This free flashlight app created by a small development team. Both the Camera flash and on-screen flashlights are able to go to your device's maximum brightness. The Flashlight has a very intuitive user interface and navigation. There are also quite a few useful features such as choosing various colors for the on-screen flashlight and using the camera flashlight at the same time as other apps, but not so many features that it is overwhelming. We recommend this flashlight app to anyone as a good general purpose flashlight app.

Flashlight apps are evolving. Google began adding flashlight free feature to Android as early as Lollipop and OEMs have been including free flashlight on their OEM skins for far longer. The need for free flashlight dwindles as the market share for newer versions of Android receive higher proliferation. However, we have not forgotten about those of you out there who prefer having a third party free flashlight app or have devices too old to have its own flashlight. Here, we have a free flashlight app that has the bare minimum permissions that should work perfectly for you. This free flashlight torch has as few as two (Internet access for advertising, and then the camera permission). This surely is the best flashlight app for Android!

This Flashlight is a jam packed free flashlight app with all the flashlight features most users would ever need. It is one of the most rich flashlight app on the Google Play Store in useful features. It includes useful functions for anything from camping to dance parties, with functions like a compass and custom Morse code transmitter. We recommend this app to any avid survivalist or anyone who wants lots of extra features in their flashlight app.

This is one of the most popular free flashlight apps. It also has a metric ton of features. The flashlight can strobe in various patterns. There is also emergency flashlight effect. It basically does everything you expect from a free flashlight torch. The flahslight app is entirely free with no in-app purchases.

Flashlight is an simple, free flashlight app with all the basic features the average user would need. This Flashlight has an easy to use interface with a unique atheistic that mimics a real flashlight. Flashlight includes a few useful features including a Morse code SOS transmitter and a strobe flashlight feature. We recommend this flahslight app to anyone who wants a stunning flashlight user interface and basic flashlight functionality.

This LED Flashlight is a useful lightweight flashlight app. It has the smallest download size of all Flashlights on the Google Play Store. Although the flashlight varies by device so that is not necessarily the case for your device. It is equipped with basic camera flashlight and strobe flashlight features. We recommend this flashlight app to anyone who just wants a bare bones camera flashlight only flashlight app.

Flashlight is a free flashlight app with all the flashlight features almost any user would ever want. Flashlight is one of the top apps on the Google Play Store in creative flashlight features. Flashlight has tons of functions available especially for the on-screen flashlight.

This free flashlight works with the screen off. There is some advertising but it does not get in the way of functionality. The flashlight is completely free and has no unnecessary permissions.

Hope you enjoy this free flashlight.



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