Smart clean manager – System repair – Battery save Mod APK Updated Android


Smart clean manager – System repair – Battery save 1.0 Mod APK Updated Android is an Amazing Tools based app that is available on Google Play Store. It is Developed by SUPERMINDAPPSSTUDIO AM. The App Version is 1.0 right now. We have updated it on August 28, 2019, just a few days ago. The APK Size is 3.3MB, which is not much. You can run this App in 4.4 and up!

August 28, 2019
4.4 and up
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Repair the system with "Smart clean manager – System repair – Battery save" it’s a free and Strong booster and junk files cleaner.

Repair the Android system and solve all problems at Startup system and fix bugs and lags. Clean up RAM and CPU optimization
It help to repair and make your phone faster and fix the memory space issues. Acceleration of the start. Solve Bugs Software Issues and Errors.

Restore also the RAM. Flash clean and scan to block residual files and cache and fix bugs, lags.
Check System errors and repair them, for blocked systems also. Fix device Issues and lags.

Repair the android device and Solve phone problems and block, fix bugs for android device.

Repair the android device with the best choice to scan other applications and boost the performance.
"Smart clean manager – System repair – Battery save" is good to repair and improve your battery time and fix bugs. Battery save for Quick Charging.

Eliminate system slowdowns and. cleaning up for pure performance. Improve your battery time.
Feel the difference after, Acceleration of the start. Fix Issues and system errors. Speed up applications and games.
Improve System Boot android. Fix and improve the speed and Boost RAM and CPU. Improve the balanced use your battery resources.

Flash charge option optimization
By the general scan fix and the problems related to boot.
Check all ram and storage information.
Continuously monitors for the ram uses and the RAM temperature.

Repair problems and phone lags and what is related to the software part, fix RAM deep problems, after a simple click an auto scan detect and block overheating apps. Prolong your android phone battery life.

"Smart clean manager – System repair – Battery save" is the good choice for your android system. It will also protects your CPU and boost and repair the battery performance for more working time with good power and balanced production. Speed and Boost RAM and CPU. Speed up applications and games.

It consist a general virus scan that aloud to block and scan your memories and clean all malwares or spywares.
Clean cache from your storage to free up more space and fell free using your android device without lag or software problems, full speed by cleaning junk files, residual files cleaner. Kill background tasks to improve the phone performance.
Check your battery level, health, power source, status if it’s charging or discharging, the temperature, the voltage, and the technologies.

How to use:

The app gives you general information on your phone hardware and software.
You can check the total size of your ram and how much space is available.
You can also check your storage general capacity and the system size.
You can check your battery level, battery health, battery power source, status if it’s charging or discharging, the temperature, the voltage, and the technologies.
After checking all information about your android device you can manage everything by a simple click on fast clean or you can check the deep scan for more options.
Stop battery draining process and help to save the battery power long time.


• General system repair.
• General phone clean.
• Speed up applications and games.
• System error checks and repairs.
• Storage cache clean.
• Quick Charging.
• Battery optimization.
• CPU Cooler.
• RAM booster.
• Virus cleaner.
• System cleaner.
• Fix Issues and system errors.
• Deep scan
• RAM statistics
• Solve and fix bugs software errors.
• Phone repair.
• Maximize the good use of resources.
• Quick Charging.
• Adjust the processor speed.
• CPU Cooler.
• Acceleration at a time.
• Uses processor cores as needed.
• Delete Junk Files.
• Speed up Android system.
• Storage optimization.
• Android background service.
• Flash cleaner.
• Eliminate system slowdowns.
• For flash charge option optimization.
• Applications start very quickly and run faster.
• Improve the use of the battery.
• Kill background tasks to enhance phone performance.
• CPU Cooler.


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