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Get the Car quiz mechanic game 14 MOD + APK + DATA Download now only on our Website. Hobby App Game have developed this amazing Trivia app. The app lastly updated on October 5, 2020 with version of 14. You can run it on all types of android devices of 14. Also, The size of the app is quite low and its 11M only. Grab it now!

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October 5, 2020
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An ideal automotive mechanics game βœ” for mechanics or for those fans of learning mechanics, in this game you will find a mechanics tutorial in which you can learn the basics of a car up to the integral part of an engineπŸš—. Although it does not have explanatory videos currently you will have levels where you will have to guess the parts of the car. What content do those levels have❓

16 Stages ⚠ With a total of 134 Levels

AL 1 TO 2 – Automobile parts
AL 2 AL 6 – Automotive mechanics
AL 6 AL 12 – Logo car test
βœ… 13 AL 14 – Car riddles
AL 15 AL 16 – Starter Motor and Engine
βœ… 16 Questions automotive history

This app is based on automobile parts, automotive mechanics, automobile brands and type of cars. Remember to report possible failures, errors, bug to our email. If you have new ideas for comprehensive mechanics tutorials or videos on mechanics do not hesitate to contact us.

Starting with basic levels on cars until reaching internal parts of a car engine πŸ‘·β€β™‚. A trivia to your mechanical and automotive knowledge in general enjoy playing this fabulous app πŸš•.

Learn by playing about cars, know the internal parts of a car. This fun quiz or trivial game incorporates questions about mechanics, car competitions and curiosities about all car brands.


What's new

How much do you know about Mechanics ❓ Many new levels ⚠ discover car parts πŸš— car engine parts, car brand logos βœ”

More levels are incorporated (100 Total) guess the car.

βœ” Fix languajes
βœ” The game is translated into English
βœ” Load errors are fixed at certain levels
βœ” Letters shrink for larger Image size

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